My prayer life was in the pits!  Yup!  It really stunk and I wasn’t that motivated to change it.  Sad but true.  I would start to pray and find myself making lists in my head or thinking about other things.  I would determine to get more focused and started going on prayer walks…which definitely helped and are part of my routine now…but my prayers felt powerless.

What was wrong?  What was holding me back?  Did God actually need me to pray?  Does God need anything?  What if I didn’t pray – would anything change?  These questions and more sent me on a search through scripture and the reading of a great book by Dutch Sheets called, ‘Intercessory Prayer’.  In this short teaching video from The 700 Club TV I share life changing, prayer changing truth from scripture that transformed my stinky prayer life and I’m sure it will help yours too!

Does God Need me to Pray? Watch here!


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