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Topics for Women’s Groups, Christian Women Conferences and Retreats

Lorie is a dynamic christian speaker that will not only inspire, encourage and challenge your group but people will come away feeling equipped to act. Her authenticity and storytelling will engage your audience and her natural way of connecting both on and off the stage will put your audience at ease.

Lorie is available to speak at your Christian Women Conferences and Retreats as well as any Women’s Events. Here are some of the topics that Lorie can offer to your group. She loves to connect with your group in a meaningful way and is open to accommodating special themes as well.

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Finding Freedom

Have you ever felt trapped with seemingly no way out? Are you experiencing fear, shame, depression and anxiety? Do you feel like giving up or giving in? This talk unfolds two true life stories – one about the bear and the other about a season of my life when I felt trapped in a painful time when my dream for our family seemed to be crashing down. It was a ‘wake up call’ in my life as to the reality of spiritual warfare and how God showed me the way to freedom!

It is my heart’s desire to encourage and equip others through the teaching of God’s Word, so that they too will find freedom no matter what life brings. This will also bring hope and healing to those families that are on a similar journey of loving prodigals.


This talk can be done as a single talk or as a two or three part series in a Christian Women Conference or Retreat setting.

Do It Afraid

-for general audiences-

Fear holds you back from being the person God called you to be and doing the things He planned for you to do. Stop wasting time waiting for fear to leave. Just because we experience fear doesn’t mean that we can’t do what God asks of us– we must learn to do it afraid!

Be inspired by rousing stories from Scripture and from ordinary people today and learn how you can live an extraordinary life of faith rather than fear. It’s time for us to move forward in spite of fear, to stick our toe in the water and step out with faith into the great adventure that awaits.

Learn to do it afraid!  Step through fear and into an adventurous life of faith.

Leadership Development Topics

Mentoring Essentials

Mentoring is a buzz word of our time – but it is not a new idea!

This generation is longing for mentors to pour into their lives but many do not know how to do that. What should it look like? Is there a formula? What if I fail?

Mentoring is done one life at a time! This workshop is interactive and informative. We will look at a few approaches to mentoring and equip the participates with a process of mentoring – not a program! This process can easily be applied one on one or even in a small group setting. It will address the challenges that can arise and offer ‘fence building techniques’.

This workshop is excellent for churches considering a mentoring ‘program’.

Leadership Essentials

Emotional baggage & insecurity can be pitfalls in leadership

No leader wants their leadership to die! However, there are many that do it to themselves. They are unaware of the #1 pitfall that will get them every time. Insecurity in a leader will eventually lead to their demise.

We all struggle with emotional baggage and some level of insecurity. How can we spot it in ourselves? What can we do about it? How do we deal with those feelings of inadequacy or the feeling that others are out to get us?

This lesson will take you to the scriptures and walk you through essential qualities every leader must build into their lives in order to avoid this pitfall.

Other Speaking Topics

Other Speaking Topics include:
Where does confidence come from?
One women’s journey of faith – the story of Sarah
What is your life’s purpose?

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