Finding Freedom Guidebook PDF


The FREEDOM GUIDEBOOK is designed for use with the FINDING FREEDOM DVDs, to provide individuals and groups with further study, discussion questions and leader’s notes to deepen your understanding of spiritual warfare and equip you to pray specifically to the battles you are facing.



Before Viewing – Some short opening discussion or personal reflection questions are provided prior to the viewing of each session of the guidebook, with an encouragement to pray and ready yourself for what God would have to say to you

Viewers Guide (Also available as an individual PDF download)

This is to be used by participants for note taking while viewing each of the 5 Video sessions.  It will provide the key teaching points to be filled in as well as room for your own notes.  The scriptures are also provided.  This tool will enhance your learning as you listen; as well it will enable you to reflect on the teaching as you continue on into further study with the Digging Deeper Sections.

Digging Deeper

These sections are the heart of the bible study.  There are questions for both personal study as well as group discussion.  You will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Scriptures, providing you with further study and reflection and how you are to apply this learning into your own life.  You will be encouraged to write out your responses both to the questions provided as well as write out your prayers to God.

Memory Verse

A weekly memory verse will also help reinforce what you are learning.  May the truth of God’s Word go deep into your heart and life, empowering you to transformation and obedience to the Spirit’s prompting.

Leaders Notes (Also available as a FREE Download!)

For those that are gathering as a small group to go on the FINDING FREEDOM journey together, these notes will provide an outline for you to use, freeing you up to love on each of your group members.  There are group preparation notes prior to the meeting as well as a simple lesson outline for you to lead through each lesson.  May your conversations around God’s Word bring light and life!


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