Finding Freedom - Lorie Hartshorn

A Study on Spiritual Warfare and the Power of Prayer
In this five-session, video-based study, Finding Freedom, Lorie shares her story of struggle. Teenagers running from God, addiction, hopelessness and fear – what was happening to her family? Feeling attacked by the enemy, without fully knowing how to respond, she describes this time as a wake-up call in her life. “Spiritual warfare was real and I wasn’t prepared.”
Session One: Trapped!
  • Break free from isolation and experience deep satisfaction by inviting others into your journey
  • Refuse to let fear hold you back and push through to the victory on the other side
Session Two: You are a House
  • Learn the secret to shutting the door on the enemy and release the power of Christ in you
  • Identify the things that hinder you from being the person God designed you to be
Session Three: Give up or Give in?
  • Be empowered to keep going when you feel like giving up or giving in
  • Stop being stuck and move forward in confidence knowing that God is fighting for you
Session Four: The Power of Prayer
  • Know the hidden power of prayer and wield it with life changing effectiveness
  • replace hopelessness over a broken relationship with hope for restoration
Session Five: Stories of Freedom
  • Hear testimonies from Lorie’s sons of how Jesus set them free from addiction and the demonic